Vacation Condominium Marketing Specialists

If you are responsible for condominium vacation rentals, you already know how much the VRBO phenonomen has splintered the market.  Our company specializes in making VRBO work for all parties.   We offer a number of programs designed to be win-win situations for both owners and management companies.


The Challenge


·     Rapidly changing web based advertising medium.

·     VRBO buyers shop on VRBO until they find what they want.  They  will ultimately buy from a VRBO renter.

·     Vehicle  for owners and third party rental companies to rent units NOT under management company control.

·     High friction—pits primary management companies against individual owners within complex.

·     Units are rented by actual unit # - creates hard block.  No flexibility on room moves.  Hurts occupancy.


The Solution

Our programs are designed for operations both large and small. Many can be implemented with minimal upfront cost.  If you are interested in reaching the VRBO segment of the market you should be talking with us. 

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